Retirement Powered By Spending

Boost your retirement savings through everyday spending to earn generous cash-back rewards from EvoShare when you shop at more than 13,000 online and local merchants, and travel with 700,000 hotels.

Shop your way to retirement

You want to save for the future, but you can only stretch your paycheck so far, right? You’re not alone. Studies show that 27% of Americans have less than $25,000 saved for retirement. Now, you can save for retirement with cash-back dollars you earn by shopping. It’s free money that you keep to use for retirement.


Introducing IRARewards

We’ve paired our IRA with EvoShare to create IRARewards, a break-through solution to retirement saving. EvoShare partners with more than 13,000 online and local merchants and 700,000 hotels who give generous cash-back amounts when you shop. The cash-back is deposited into a BPAS individual retirement account called IRARewards. It’s a great way to build your retirement savings without affecting your paycheck or budget. Watch this brief video to learn more.

How IRARewards works:

  • Select Open an IRARewards above and follow the easy online instructions to open IRARewards.
  • Download the EvoShare mobile app, browser extension, and/or securely register your existing credit card(s) to EvoShare using a personalized hyperlink.
  • Shop as usual at more than 13,000 online and local businesses, plus 700,000 hotels, and earn cash back in your IRA.
  • Once a month, EvoShare deposits your cash-back earnings into IRARewards. It’s truly free money invested in an IRA.

IRARewards is powered by BPAS

Helping America’s workforce on their journey to a financially secure future.